Today, we are facing the biggest revolution in the
construction industry and we are convinced that

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About us

We are a Mexican multinational company, based in Mexico City with operations in nine countries. We produce and sell a variety of construction products and solutions.

Elementia is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Grupo Carso & Kaluz


  • 38 plants in 9 countries.
  • Over 7000 employees.
  • Over 6300 distributors.
  • 26 distribution and marketing centers in 27 countries.
  • Elementia has been listed on the Mexican Stock
    Exchange since 2015.
  • Elementia has an annual, two-digit growth rate.

* Data of December 31, 2017


Our Brands

The Power of Oneness

Improve people’s lives through sustainable construction systems for current and future generations.

Elementia plays a key role in the construction industry, adapting to be a leader and a promoter of change.

A primary focus on innovation solutions to increase our product portfolio.

The Elementia Trainee Programme aims to attract, choose, retain and develop recent college graduates. We are looking for leaders to challenge standard approaches and find ways to maneuver around old practices with demonstrated compatibility with Elementia values. We also promote their profesional growth and development in order to train the future leaders of our company.

We want YOU to become the next Elementia trainee!

  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Date of Graduation June 2017- December 2018
  • Willing to relocate
  • Available to travel
  • Registration / Test October - November 2018
  • Panel January 2019
  • Assessment February 2019
  • Hiring March 2019



  • We are a conglomerate of different brands to make a difference in the world of construction.
  • We are working on being the industry’s preferred provider, offering 75% of materials that are required for construction.
  • We have developed a groundbreaking app that includes training and toolkits.
  • We are an inclusive company.
  • We are expanding our business in Costa Rica, the United States and Mexico.
    • Opening of the Building Systems Plant, Los Mochis Sinaloa
    • Opening of Cement Grinding in Costa Rica
    • Opening of Building Systems Plant, TH Indiana
    • First construction site Cement Milling in Yucatán